Loch Rusky Sunrise

October 23, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Its Friday the 16th October, we are contemplating where we should visit the next morning and my fiancée is eagerly looking at the weather app on her iPhone when a big smile suddenly appears on her face, followed by an emphatic "we are going to Loch Rusky for sunrise, the weather conditions look perfect". Karen is very good at reading weather conditions so who was I to argue..... :).

It meant a 3.30am alarm and an hour and a half drive to get to Rusky so we checked our camera bags and prepared for an early start.

Karen had visited Loch Rusky previously and had already added some wonderful photographs to her portfolio from that trip, however, as we left Edinburgh and started to head for The Trossochs I could tell she was excited at the prospect of what lay ahead ..... and as we arrived in the area the signs she had been hoping to see were very evident, mist and fog, no wind and a few whispery clouds on the horizon.

As Karen had visited before she knew exactly where we needed to drive to and we eventaully found a small lay-by, the parking place we needed and right next to the gate that led the way down to the Loch... the excitement was gaining momentum ...

We loaded our back packs and tripods, it was frosty and cold so warm clothing was added in layers and then the race down to the Loch began... I can walk quite fast but it took some serious striding to keep up with Karen as we made our way to what we hoped would give us lots of great photographic opportunities... we weren't disappointed and Karens intuition and weather planning was spot on :).

We arrived about half an hour before the sunrise giving us plenty of time to set our tripods up in different locations on the waters edge to take some pre dawn shots of the photogenic and perfectly positions rowing boats in the misty / foggy layers moving over the mirror like surface of the Loch. It was perfect.

We stayed and continued to photograph the changing light as the sun rose above the tree line and through the fog directly in front of us, the fog diffusing the sun as if it had been planned for us, we could not have asked for a more enjoyable early morning session with our Nikons before heading off to Loch Awe and Kilchurn Castle later that morning.

Here are a few of the photographs, in no particular order, that I captured at Loch Rusky on that frosty foggy still morning. We will return I'm sure but I doubt we will ever be lucky enough to enjoy such wonderful conditions again.





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